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FaerieOfMischief's Shallow Grave

When you dig my grave, make it shallow so I can still feel the rain

Life is a soundtrack...
28 June 1984
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Dear lord, how did you end up here of all places?

Well alright then... I love to sew (can't say I'm exactly brilliant at it, but I do it a lot), love cold weather and swear far too much. The first and third go together on a regular basis. I love cats. I write the odd piece of fanfic (SPN, HP, Stargate and others) and original fiction which is usually posted over at my writing journal kissofcruelty. I love to travel and want to live in the UK one day.

I'm a bit of a history buff and spend my spare time involved in living history with my husband adamc, or costuming. I think bruises are facinating and love thunderstorms. One day I want to be a librarian, and I have just about completed my Honours year at university working towards that goal. I'm a mature student, can you tell?

I'm a complete and utter LJ addict and so post here quite prolifically. I talk a lot of shit about just about anything and I'm always looking for new people to stalk talk to so drop by and say hello. Please? I only bite if asked nicely, promise. Have a cookie.

OZ is "Bitch, get over here, I'm horny."
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